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It’s in your hands

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As venues, that have survived the last two years, start to reopen their doors, patrons are returning with enthusiasm, energetically embracing their ability to once again feast and indulge with family and friends.

And while the general sentiment is for masks to be a thing of the past, there is definitely a silver lining for venues… improved awareness and practice of hand hygiene.

The good news is that the pandemic has seen a monumental change in hygiene practices – more people are consciously washing their hands, and more regularly using hand sanitiser.

“Hygiene has always been a focus at Riva. We have designed our dispensers to specifically address hygiene, efficiency, and waste. Our sealed container technology makes Riva suitable for all venues.” Says Karen the National Business Development Manager from Riva Ice Cream Dispensing Systems.

Riva Ice Cream dispensers have only 4 parts that need to be cleaned once a week. And they use a patented seal technology that removes the risk between production and service of real dairy ice cream. See Riva’s 2 minute cleaning video here to see just how easy it is.

Star Hotels Group, Managing Director shares: “Hygiene is critical across our 23 hotels and 62 bottle shops. With the addition of Riva Ice Cream machines in our Buffet offering, hygiene risks are non-existent.”

So, when you think about where family and friends are now congregating, don’t forget to consider, they’re far more aware of hygienic practices and the opportunity is yours to show them, you’ve made improvements too.


Keep it clean!

This awareness brings an opportunity to reap the rewards of having a Riva Dispenser within your venue. With only 4 parts needing to be cleaned once a week, we thought it was an apt time for a refresh on cleaning your dispenser. Join Karen in this 2 minute video.

We’d love to discuss your venues’ COVID-safe needs. Reach out to the Riva team today

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