Riva Real Easy

About Riva

Our company has been going for over 20 years and was born out of the desire to create an Ice Cream delivery method that could eliminate the pain often experienced with soft serve machines and scooping programs. The Riva Ice Cream Dispensing Systems have since revolutionised real Ice Cream delivery.

Designed to be easy from every perspective and created for anyone to use, we ensure that our Systems are easy to install, load with product, operate and clean. In fact we’ve made it so easy that any staff member can be serving real creamy Ice Cream within just a few minutes of training.

The Riva Real Easy Systems deliver:

  • Low portion cost
  • High yield
  • Low waste
  • Improved hygiene
  • Fast product delivery
  • Quality product
  • Lowest staff involvement
  • High reliability
  • Low maintenance
  • User friendly equipment (for staff and customers alike)


“Zagames Hotels have been using the Riva Ice Cream Dispensing Systems since 2006. The application for Zagames Hotels has been within our bistro and cafe zones where its major use is for the kids menu. While customers love the REAL ice cream flavour, our staff love the ease of use and its low equipment maintenance.”

Chris Bonello
Group Executive Chef
Zagames Hotels