Riva Real Easy
Jeff Ganter and Karen GanterNewham from Riva

The value of keeping it real

Riva Real Easy

Many of us have grown up with fond memories of savouring creamy ice cream on hot summer days, where the critical task at hand was to devour it all before it melted. This pure enjoyment of real ice cream was where it started for the Riva business all those years ago.


Where it all began…

In the late nineties, our Managing Director Jeff Ganter was approached by family member, Greg Van Zeeland. A Refrigeration Mechanic by trade, Greg believed he’d perfected the design for a Dispenser that could change how real dairy ice cream was delivered.

Jeff remembers, “Greg wanted to champion real dairy ice cream over highly processed ice confection that was out in the market. He was determined to keep it as simple as possible and to be the easiest Ice Cream Dispenser to use and maintain on offer. His elegant design ticked all the boxes and we agreed that we’d work together to bring the Dispensers to market.”

 And so, Riva was born.


Growing an Aussie business from the ground up

Today marks more than 25 years since our story began, and it’s a tale of how keeping it simple and remaining true to family values can lead to a successful business that continues to stand the test of time.

The leadership team behind Riva include Jeff’s wife Karen who has been with the business for more than 13 years. She is the National Business Development Manager and is entirely focused on Riva’s existing and new customers. She ensures that they get the most out of their Riva systems.

Their son Dallas has been with Riva for over 10 years, seeing to the operational components of the business. And finally, Roberta, who’s been at the heart of the company’s administration for over 15 years.

Our team are dedicated to building success for Riva’s customers across Australia and in continuing the pure enjoyment of real ice dairy cream for everyone.

Karen says, “Our family ethos is reflected throughout the company culture and our product offering. We like to keep it real. While our business and products continue to evolve and improve, the vital things stay true. We will always remain steadfast on designing systems that are super simple to use and give our customers the strongest return on investment.”


Looking to the future…

As venues around Australia continue to up the ante in a bid to attract and retain customers, Riva is there as a real food offering.

The best in the market are seeing the possibilities of a treat that’s the ultimate, healthier option (in moderation of course) – topping off their premium food and beverage offerings with a Riva-inspired dessert that can’t be beaten.

 “Never before has it been more important to have a product offering that satisfies discerning buyers. I’m incredibly proud that this brilliant innovation is Australian-born and that we continue to see our Dispensers serving happy customers in hundreds of venues across Australia and the USA.” Jeff Ganter says.

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